We are helping organizations that we have visited and where we were impressed with the management team and the effectiveness of their programs.

The Mirror Foundation
York ADS Partnership
Mae Tao Clinic
Cuso International
Beam E ducation Foundation
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
We Women Foundation

When we visited the Mirror Foundation and Cynthia’s Clinic, we were amazed by the dedication of the staff and the amount of goodness produced with such a shoestring budget. It is amazing to see that ‘money spent on drinks with friends’ can really change someone’s life.

We donate directly to the organizations we research, thus guaranteeing that 100% of the money reaches the people who can make a difference. We have formed alliances with various U.S., U.K. and Canadian based Non Profit Organizations (NGOs).

We invest in organizations like BEAM  (Bridging Educational Access to Migrants) Education Foundation and We Women Foundation who support the dreams of those who, with a hand up, could change the world in their communities.

We encourage you to come and visit the programs and experience with your own eyes the kindness of mankind. You will see volunteers and staff who tirelessly and unselfishly give their time to provide opportunities for others who are less fortunate.

It feels good to be kind, try it! It’s contagious!